EFFIGE: PEF for industrial development

An EU project for an environmental-friendly industrial development through PEF

Once again, the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) is keeping to expand its scope and application throughout Europe. This time, it is the turn of Italy in boosting its development and in making this innovative methodology better known to the wider public and in remembering the importance of adopting greener and resource-friendly approaches in today’s industry. The need for a deeper appreciation of the environmental impact is taking place globally, with new and effective methodologies today offering valuable support in the process. PEF is precisely working in this direction, and has already been successfully adopted in several eco-innovative projects.

As mentioned, it is worth remembering the event promoted by Pisa’s Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and Enea, the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, held on the last 27th of March in Milan, Italy that assessed and planned the progress in the Italian industry for a greener and environmentally sustainable production, and specifically focused on selected cases falling under the EFFIGE project (Environmental Footprint For Improving and Growing Ecoefficiency). EFFIGE is a project financed by EU’s Life Programme currently covering four main areas of production (agri-food, foundries, wooden furniture and food services).

It seems that a joint and precise way forward is today being followed with new PEF-based projects, showing that, as the UN SDG 12 suggests, responsible consumption and production is essential in order to achieve sustainable development!


Project link: www.lifeeffige.eu/en/