Great interest around the PEFMED days in Spain

PEFMED results spread out in Catalunia and Andalusia

FIAB celebrates PEFDAYS in the frame of PEFMED project, on 18th and 27th September in Jaen and Vic, regions where PEFMED studies were carried out. Within the framework of the INTERREG Med project PEFMED, experts in sustainability and the environment met on September 18 and 27 in Jaen and Vic, respectively, to discuss the analysis of the life cycle in the Food Industry (PEF methodology). The PEFMED project, which aims to develop innovation initiatives for the growth and sustainable development of the agri-food industry, celebrated the so-called "PEFDAYS" to disseminate the PEF methodology (life cycle analysis) applied to different sectors of this industry. Specifically, during the conference the implementation of this methodology in the sectors of olive oil and meat, objects of study of the project, was presented. Thus, representatives of Oleocampo and Argal participated these days to narrate their experiences in the project and the videos made for them were screened. LCA experts from University of Vic presented PEF methodology in dairy sector in both PEFDAY. To finalize these events, socio economic aspects included in PEFMED methodology were also explained as relevant goal of the project. These meetings had the support of the different sectoral clusters involved, as well as the representatives of the RIS3 of Andalusia and Catalonia.